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nick Stacie92
country Moldova
languages English, German, Romanian, Russian


I've been studying English since I was 5 years old. 

I went to a Foreign Language school, where English was my everyday subject. I have got a decent accent, inclined to British. Since childhood, I heard Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, because there are the languages spoken in my family. Languages and imitating the accent come naturally to me.

In 2014 I graduated from Foreign Languages: Translation from Moldova State University, majoring in English and German.


Experience: 9 years

About me

Hi there!

I've been teaching languages since I was 18. I taught a group of Russian speakers to speak Romanian.

During my college years, I gave English tutoring lessons.

Working with English adult groups 

When I turned 25, I began working at a local "Language School". I started with intensive groups, composed mostly of adults. They were beginners, and I had only 3 months to teach them to comprehend and speak basic English. 

When you're a beginner, students learn to listen and understand. At the next level (pre-intermediate) they begin to talk. With intensive groups, we are short of time, so the emphasis is put on the conversation.

We often discuss work, family with them. English is also a place for them, where they can speak their mind about mundane things.

"We're coming to English as like it is a holiday", said one of my students.

Working with teenagers

I like working with teenagers because not only we learn English and everything related to the subject but also cover a lot of interesting and important topics. It's always dynamic and fun. They share their hopes and dreams, as well as the hardships of their student life. It always stirs curiosity what things are they going to say next. It also gives a possibility to compare them to myself, when I was a teenager and give them some advice.

My last unusual experience

My last memorable experience was with an Italian boy, whom I had to teach English. We didn't know each other's native languages. So we couldn't rely on them. Being put in a situation when you have to use only English in order to be understood, boosted and sped up the process of assimilating it. I found out a lot about him, his school and friends. Even with a limited vocabulary, we managed to have meaningful conversations. This made me understand why the Chinese are looking for English teachers outside of China. 

I continue to explore the meaning behind what is to be a teacher and what are the most efficient methods to apply to a particular student or a group of students.

The most difficult part of teaching/learning English 

When you teach 6 days per week, it's only natural to observe the behavior and involvement of your students, regardless of their age. You see when you manage to excite their interest or when they become bored. 

I have to ransack my mind to invent some new/interesting activities that could keep them on their toes. It's unforgivable when you can't surprise your students and they have these expressions on their faces like they know what's going to follow next.