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nick seanoscannel
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My education includes a B.A. degree in Philosophy from Seattle University where I was awarded departmental honors and University Honors for academic excellence. From there I went on to prepare for graduate studies in Philosophy at McGill University. My academic experience also includes graduate summer school studies in philosophy at The Sitka Institute in Sitka, Alaska, where I studied Continental and Buddhist Philosophy with PACT, the Pacific Association for the Continental Tradition in Philosophy. My education has also brought me overseas to the University College Cork in Cork, Ireland, where I studied Literature and Creative Writing for a summer.

Experience: 7 years

About me

I am a composition and writing tutor. I work with students on an individual basis to improve their writing and to help them more confidently express themselves in the written word. This is my wheelhouse.

My education includes a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Philosophy from Seattle University with Departmental Honors and University Honors as well as graduate studies in Philosophy at The Sitka Institute in Sitka, Alaska, and graduate studies in French Language and Intercultural Communication at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. I also studied creative writing and literature at University College Cork, in Cork, Ireland.

I became a tutor when I decided that I no longer wished to pursue a PhD in Philosophy but wanted to continue using my experience and my academic training to help others find easier ways to navigate their own writing process. 

My tutoring style is rooted in compassion and empathy and the unique quality that I bring to tutoring sessions is that I am able to relate on both a personal and academic level to each student as we embark on the tutoring journey together each time we meet.