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nick NickolaWalker
country Estonia
languages English, French


I was a consultant teacher for several institutions in Canada, teaching speach writing, technical writing and professional writing. 

I write young teen novels, specializing in the fantasy genre. 

Two of my own children were special needs students. I worked with both of them throughout their childhoods and both are now attending University. In fact one graduates this year out of the Honours Program at her university (I am very very proud of her). Every learner needs to discover and acknowledge their "flavour of learning". Then they need to work with that knowledge to reach their highest potential

Experience: 24 years

About me

I am a professional English teacher who has recently moved from Canada to Estonia. I am happy to teach all grades. Prior to becoming a teacher, I was a Director of legislative Affairs, Chief of Staff, Legislative House Leader, Speach Writer and Communications Director. Now that I have moved, I am looking for opportunities to teach all ages the wonderful world of English. 

As the mom of SIX (yes that's right) beautiful children (two with learning disabilities), I understand exactly how to work with children and help them to learn.  As the Head Gal in Charge in my professional roles, I know how to assess needs and tailor the lesson plan to bring you success and a longing to learn more.

As my children live all over the world, I am awake at any time so I can easily meet whatever schedule is required. Let me help you or a member of your family begin or further your journey into the beautiful English Language.