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10.00 USD /single lesson (60 min.)
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nick greenwaytos
country China
languages Chinese, English



Full time chinese as a Foreign Language Teacher .

2018 — Present

Guangh ua Company

Teaching students chinese

2016 — 2017

Design company

Software development, website design, design pictures

2014 — 2015

Experience: 4 years

About me

Hello everyone, I am from China, I am a friendly and humorous Chinese teacher. I am a sunny Chinese teacher, I like children. I have taught hundreds of children and adults Chinese experience. I am happy to help you learn Chinese. I will do my best. thank you very much.

    I will teach you to teach standard Chinese, standard pronunciation. I will correct the accent for you. I think learning Chinese is a very interesting thing. I will provide a complete textbook: Children's Chinese, Beginner Speaking, Daily speaking , HSK courses, Travel and Food Chinese and what you want to learn


     Courses I offer:

1. Children's Chinese: An interesting way to help children learn Chinese. Cards, singing, children's textbooks, children's Chinese games, magic, children's short videos. Tailor-made Chinese courses are available for each child.

2 . Oral Chinese Course : Suitable for beginners to advanced students who need to improve their oral Chinese ability in a short time . Learning content focuses on oral and communication skills training .

3. HSK Standard Chinese: I will provide textbooks and workbooks based on HSK 1-6. The content covers all aspects of Chinese, listening, speaking, reading and writing. In particular, there are students who need to take Chinese exams. Learn from me and you will pass the Hsk exam successfully.

4.Travel Chinese: suitable for beginners who plan to go to China for travel and want to know basic communication sentences according to the travelling topics like greeting, food, exchange currency, rent a car, ask the way to somewhere, and etc. We'll use a special textbook and workbook to improve your Chinese in the short term.