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nick Igor1993
country Italy
languages English, Latin


I have started providing 1-to-1 tutoring lessons at the age of 16, by helping my peers, and never stopped since then. As a musician, I’ve experienced teaching music to children at the oratory of my native city and discovered the importance of entertainment in learning. Withou t the latter, learning becomes much harder to achieve.

I have obtained a BSc in Mathematics at the University of Turin by discussing a thesis about "Dynamics of Populations". One year later I have studied at the University of Bristol and obtained a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education with a specialization in Mathematics. This has allowed me to thoroughly study the literature available in the Pedagogy of Mathematics, and to deepen my intuitions on the best ways to teach each topic.

 I have 7 years of teaching experience as a tutor (high-school level) and a combined full year of teaching experience as a classroom teacher. In addition to this, I have also recently taught in UAE (Sharjah) for two months. This shows my flexibility to teach away from home and in a variety of settings, but I am aware that every new experience holds in store new and unexpected challenges. After all, every student is a new person with his or her own specific needs that must be addressed in the right way.

Experience: 8 years

About me


My name is Igor Laudisio, and I am an Italian passionate mathematician since I was very young and I am a Certified Maths Teacher. I have always played chess and loved puzzles and the symbolic explanations that Mathematics is able to provide

I have a strong desire to teach because the process of learning has always fascinated me since I was a child, and I believe that learning and teaching are two sides of the same coin. I'm fond of gaining knowledge, and I want to share this love with youngsters. During my high school studies, in Italy, I used to spend several hours of my free time trying to understand what the most effective ways of learning each subject were, and I am fully convinced that anybody, especially fresh-minded teenagers, is able to learn anything, as a reward of proper training!


I am deeply convinced that learning is at the essence of what a happy and balanced life is, or at least one of the primary ingredients.

I am a very sensitive and reflective person, which makes me a very good listener rather than a speaker myself. I believe this can be a useful trait to possess in an environment where pupils are growing (personally as well) and face many doubts and difficulties. I am aware, though, that in order to become a point of reference it is required to slowly build a rapport and trust with people, which is not something one can force or rush.

Trigonometry is one of my favorite Maths topics ever! I have carried out research during my Teacher training on the most effective ways to teach Trigonometry at any age, using professional literature written by scholars all over the world. The key term that applies here is that of "procept": the trigonometric functions must be gradually conceived as a fusion of a concept and a process, thus the term procept.  Trigonometry is also one of the most ancient branches of Maths, and it is far more practical than one might think, considering it was invented to solve many very real problems such as measuring the height of the Pyramid of Giza using its shadow! Or even measuring the radius of the Earth