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Physical and Psychological Wellness in just 7 Classes.

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Body & Mind / Health & Beauty

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nick Brahmarishi
country India
languages English, Tamil


  • I have done many Diplomas and PG Degrees in the fields of Tamil, English, Music and Yoga.
  • I, enlightened living master, provide traditional and promoted traditional yogic practices to improve the health condition and to develop the memory & IQ level through scientifically proven methods.
  • I preach and practice yoga for spiritual well being, teach every essential points from all Vedas to my students to attain Self-realization since 1998, and I take better than the best responsibility for all spiritual seekers and yoga practitioners to make them experience the supreme divine power, live their life to the fullest and attain eternal blissfulness, harmony with nature and life. 

Experience: 22 years

About me

Beloved all vanakkam,

And greetings from the deepest part of my heart to all of you.

I am Aadhiyogi, Ma Jeyadavadossar, running an Ashram for people who are willing to attain "Self-realization", "Moksha" - "Samaadhi".

Even though there are many kinds of yoga, on hearing the word Yoga, people commonly understand that it is related to getting physical and mental wellness by practicing Asanas and Pranayamas.

The real result of practicing yoga continues even after attaining Samadhi - the 8th step of Yoga.

The real seekers, the real believers of any religion and the people who want to get 100% clarity of yoga, eternal blissfulness are wholeheartedly welcomed here to learn and acquire the benefits of the wisdom of the Tamil Seers, Siddhas and Ancient Spiritual Yogis.

Why to stop with Asanas and Pranayamas?

Continue to the end of Yoga - "Samadhi" - which is the beginning of the eternal blissful life. 

I impart innovative classes and various workshops for the enrichment of the physical, psychological and spiritual wellness using Promoted Traditional and  Traditional Yogic Methods of Tamil Vedas.

Your search for learning complete yoga ends here. If you are interested, contact me.  

With love,