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► Highly qualified, expert German language trainer (native speaker with 23 years of experience) ◄

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General information

nick germany72
country Germany
languages English, German, Italian


► Education:

I am

- a native speaker of High German

- an accomplished linguist and hold a university degree in teaching German and English as Foreign Languages

- a certified Goethe-Institut examiner for all examinations.


More than 20 years of experience as

- senior teacher/ expert teacher/ master teacher

- teacher trainer/ mentor teacher

- lecturer

- linguistic consultant

- Goethe-Institut examiner

- lexicographical proofreader

- online tutor.


I have been teaching students of all age groups and levels and from all sectors (product and service industry); from different countries and for special purposes and I lectured at many international institutes of crosscultural and language training. 


► Teaching Experience:

I have been teaching German as a Foreign Language for over 20 years.


- I teach at the Goethe-Institut that stands for the competent and efficient teaching of German as a Foreign Language

- I work as a Goethe-Institut examiner

- I work as a teacher trainer and mentor teacher at language academies

- I train professionals from different business areas who are preparing for cross-cultural careers all over the world

- I give lectures on new teaching approaches and learning methods

- I work as an online tutor for German as a Foreign Language.

Experience: 23 years

About me

Hi, my name is Michaela. Nice to meet you! :-) 

► Teaching Approach:

The aim of my lessons is not only that you make rapid and lasting progress but that you enjoy them in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

For this reason, I always teach course content in an appealing and interactive way, following the communicative student-focused approach.

In this way, you are actively involved, not just listening in a passive way.

1. Practice the core language skills:

You will practice all four core language skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking) in realistic situations and with authentic materials.

2. Explore German culture:

The course contents are based on an intercultural approach. With topics centered around life in Germany, you will also explore German culture. Like this you will feel the language, comprehend its core and the way it functions.

3. Learn with interactive exercises:

I will use interactive exercises such as role plays related to everyday life, business simulations, discussion in pairs, and group work that will enable you to practice the language in a wide variety of everyday, work and study situations.

4. The choice is up to you:

You will decide on the balance between everyday German and your work-related vocabulary and subjects.

5. Last but not least: Why me?

As a person, I have a positive attitude. I am friendly, supportive, organized, and proactive.

Am I a great teacher? According to my students’ feedback even the best! ;-)

One thing is for sure: Teaching is not only my profession but my passion and my vocation. I love what I do and I enjoy professional success!

AND I know my craft: I am highly qualified (methodically and didactically trained) and highly experienced (over 22.000 hours teaching experience in German as a Foreign language).

Great teaching is an art and leads to improved student progress. That is why

- I place my students at the centre of my courses

- I believe in my students and make them feel confident

- I adapt to my students’ needs

- I develop my lessons in a way that my students are actively involved in the learning process and get many opportunities to interact

- I use the right teaching strategies

- I use different activities and assignments

- I am always prepared with a detailed plan for every single lesson

- I maximize instructional time

- I monitor students' learning by utilizing pre- and post-assessments, providing timely and informative feedback

Learning is hard work: It requires effort, repetition, practice and mental exertion.

Therefore, whether you would like to become fluent in German for personal or professional reasons, study or work in a German speaking country - give it a go and let us make learning fun! :-)


► Classes:

I offer individual, group and express classes for different skills (e.g. emails, meetings, presentations, socializing, telephoning and negotiating), professions (e.g. accounting, customer care, HR, marketing, sales and purchasing), industries (e.g. logistics, travel, tourism and hospitality, food and beverage) and for exam preparation.

Additionally, I can teach you how to apply for a job and how to prepare for a job interview.