Certified Biology, Biochemistry and Anatomy tutor with 6 years experience

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20.00 USD /single lesson (60 min.)
Science / Biology & Medicine

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nick fatimaV
country Ukraine
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I have been a tutor in sciences for six years after graduating with B.sc Biological Sciences which has lead me in pursuit of studying Medicine but it has never stopped me from tutoring because this is what i am passionate about. 

I have also taught AP Biology for 4 years.

During this period, most students who thought it impossible to understand the core concepts of Biology did and even aced the AP biology exams. Nothing is impossible.

My experience with vast range of students had opened me to educating students in GCSE Biology and its core concepts explained in the simplest way possible.

The students i have taught for 2 years although learnt Zoology for the sake of knowledge have emerged with the basic understanding and some even went further to study Zoology.

I am currently aiding students in preparation for graduate or postgraduate study in the field of biology. I have a year experience and this has not stopped the amazing results seen by those  i have tutored.

Experience: 6 years

About me

Hi! i am Veronica a graduate of Biological sciences and also currently a Medical Student.

I have been a tutor since 2014 with students of different categories (beginner, advanced, average, college and researchers in field of Medicine etc).

I teach Medical Science related courses like Biology(advanced and high school), Biochemistry(including chemistry), Physiology and Anatomy.

I also teach different specifics in Biology like (AP Biology, IB Biology, GRE Biology and GSCE Biology)

I am fluent in English.

I use everyday concepts to aid my students understand the basics in every course and to make learning fun and this has yielded tremendous results.

Learning aids like pictures, diagrams, notes,mnemonics and even videos are used to make learning simple, easy to memorize and understand.

Assistance will be given to students with external exams like SAT who find it difficult to understand.