Computer Science-C,C++,Java,Python,Phys ics, Chemistry, Calculus,Algebra,Statistics,Pr obability,Pre-Calculus

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nick ranjan1395
country India
languages English, Hindi


Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur






Experience: 3 years

About me

I have been associated with online tutoring from the past 5 years and have helped out more than 5000 students till date on the subjects of finance, computer science, physics, chemistry and mathematics and have more than 98% Recommendation from students till date.

I have the relevant experience in the online tutoring platform where I don't give the direct answers to students rather I make the students to arrive at the answer themselves by giving them required hints that would be needed to solve any problem. Before working on any problem, I start with asking relevant questions to the student so that I could understand the depth of knowledge the student has related to the concept which would be applied. After that I keep on giving hints to the students in the form of questions so that the student could think at the right direction and arrive at the answer by themselves. And once the student is able to solve the problem, I give them similar problem to solve which makes sure that the student have grasped the concept completely. So once the student understands the required concept, they are not only able to solve that particular problem but they can solve out any similar problem that would need that concept.

I would like to thank our education system for imparting such valuable knowledge to me and I feel that my passion for teaching would not only make students learn rather it will make them learn new concepts enthusiastically. I can make positive difference in the lives of many children and I feel that  buddyschool would be the perfect platform for me to achieve my goal . I would like to apply my range of expertise to address the concerns relating to different subject which student face during their course of study and contribute with the greater impact in the growth and development of the whole society since students are the future generation of our society.