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nick AbigailKings
country Nigeria
languages English


I rounded up my Highschool level and graduated with a good grade in English language which was very encouraging and made me to go further and then I proceeded to the University for a degree Program in Education where I did English language and had a Very nice grade. Alongside with my University Education, I taught group of Students also and we all had great time.

Experience: 6 years

About me

I am Abigail Chukwumereze, a professional and an experienced tutors with vast knowledge and skills to handle English language efficiently, always ready to passionately and delightfully impart my students with knowledge in diverse areas areas of English language, helping them to overcome areas of difficulty and greatly improving their skills in the course of time.

 I specialize in diverse areas of English language ranging from Grammar, writing, Reading, Speaking, Spelling and Pronunciation of words fluently and other secondary areas of English language.

 I'm a qualified and an experienced tutors with in-depth knowledge in my field and trust me, I have the skills to help and assist my students tackle and solve problems which they are facing in the Subject area giving them the best.

 I'm committed to helping and assisting students who have issues in English language and, these students need a lot of help and assistance and as a tutor, I'm even more willing to impart them with more knowledge, helping and assisting them to overcome their difficulties and get their skills improved.

 My tutoring classes are always interactive, conversational and interesting, setting up a great tutoring and learning environment. I ask my students questions, they are also free to ask me questions, my students and I get to exchange knowledge, I give my students the opportunity to talk to me about everything and whatever they know about the subject area, I make corrections too and the class is totally fun-filled and great with best achievements of goals 

 I assess and test my students in many areas of English language and discover their strength, weaknesses and areas that need to be improved, we begin from there and with this I'm able to build a suitable study plan for our lessons which helps greatly to achieving our goals to a larger extent and all this will be discussed and done in our first lesson.

 I'm a very passionate, caring and willing tutor who wants the best for my students. I believe that with time, patience on my side, words of encouragement and learning and support, my students will get there and their skills greatly improved.

 With this in mind, I urge my potential students out there to book your first lesson with me and let's learn together, we are in this together and the best of lessons you will get is a guarantee. I as a tutor am fully out to give my students the best of tutoring/learning experience.