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Science / Biology & Medicine

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nick Nicollegandra
country Brazil
languages English, Portuguese, Spanish


 I have been studying Biology for more than ten years now.

The different institution's names are as follows London, Elkanah, Pitágoras, Objetivo, and extra advanced courses.

I developed a lot of abilities and useful tricks that help the student to understand the subject better and use this to make the topic more enjoyable, comfortable, and practical. I also have unique methods to help the student understand the subject more transparently and memorize quickly.

I am also taking part in advanced biological research that is included in my mastery of the subject. And I would love to help others in the understanding and journey of their lives in these subjects.

Experience: 10 years

About me

I have been studying Biology for more than ten years now.
I have a straightforward understanding of this subject, and I create some useful tricks to help those subjects become more exciting and more comfortable to learn.
I am also looking to specialize in areas in which this subject is taking as key.
I would be pleased to assist others with it.

My methodology is to adapt the material to the student's hobbies, thus bringing more dynamic and exciting classes. It is proved that by adding practical and interesting applications for the student, the classes are much more productive, as demonstrated in several types of research, such as in Oxford. And using the methods learned during my experience and with the tricks acquired, help as many students as possible on this long and exciting journey.

My methodology is based on the concept that dynamic and fun classes add much more value and knowledge to students than long and tedious classes. I seek to understand student's hobbies and use this to engage the studied subject, showing practical models, and incorporating fun into the study. I believe that much more than definitions and concepts, the practice is hugely relevant, proven as such, by the results of people who have passed through significant universities around the world or learned the subject way faster.
Practice leads to improvement, and improvement leads to success.