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As a qualified and experienced university English language/linguistics/IELTS/TOE IC, & Cambridge FCE examiner, I have taught at universities in Asia for over twelve years continually, also, I'm from London, England, therefore, I'm acutely aware of the various phrases/idiomatic expressions used by native English speakers, which is necessary for all spoken parts of the IELTS. As a former Head of Studies for the IELTS programme at Renmin university of China for De Montfort University, UK, and having delivered, designed, and assessed for the IELTS on a continual basis, I feel I have the experience in teaching the various strategies & techniques to help you achieve a band 7.0 or higher (7.0 is now the minimum for most employers & universities now).


< strong>Qualifications:

1. UK law graduate; University of London)

2. Linguisitcs graduate; (University of London)

TEFL/TESOL Diploma (Trinity)




Experience: 12 years

About me

Qualified & Experienced IELTS tutor/former examiner offers the lowest rates available online!***

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Don't feel confident using appropriate vocabulary for the ILETS speaking/writing tests?

Not sure how to effectively answer the IELTS speaking parts?


IELTS Speaking, Writing, Reading, & Listening lessons offered by a qualified and experienced university linguistics tutor & British Council certified IELTS examiner from London, England. A former Head of Studies for the IELTS programme at Renmin university of China for De Montfort University. Having taught at universities and businesses in; South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, China, Vietnam, and Italy, you will be learning with a qualified career teacher who has established a steady student client base and has built up a good rapport with all students. If you decide to follow a course (6 lessons minimum), you will also receive an e-certificate from me acknowledging completion of the course-this will be extremely useful in the future for you, should you wish to live/study abroad post-brexit.  

Business English:

Business English: As a native English teacher, a former member of the Institute of Directors, London, and a business English trainer with over ten years’ experience of teaching business English to trainees in; China (BMW, Bank of China, and Audi), Thailand (Bangkok Bank), and Italy (ISAB petroleum), I am able to offer lessons and structured courses to help you reach your career goals. Areas covered include; writing e-mails, speaking on the telephone, business vocabulary in context, business English for travel, and participating in meetings & giving effective presentations. Further details on request.


IELTS Speaking

【Objective of the lesson】Are you going to take an IELTS speaking test? The best way to achieve a high band score is through practice and developing you speaking skills, and learning about the various IELTS speaking strategies. Learn with me! A career IELTS tutor with over twelve years’ experience of teaching at universities in Asia, including China, so I'm aware of the specific challenges test-takers for the IELTS face.

【Suitable students】:Students who are going to take the IELTS test (speaking component).

【Introduction to the lesson】
In this lesson, you will learn about:
Vocabulary in context;
The format for responding to questions about your hometown;
Speaking confidently;
How to describe places in your hometown accurately  and specifically;;

How to use natural speaking strategies to respond to questions.**You will also learn about how IELTS examiners do scoring and how to keep calm in the exam.

IELTS speaking often requires intensive study and students achieve better band scores when they pursue a course of study or several lessons and do not change from teacher to teacher, as invariably, each style is obviously different. Continuity in your studies will also improve your overall speaking skills, extend your vocabulary range & use of lexical resources, and give you the confidence to speak clearly and coherently in the actual test guidance on this will be given). As a former IELTS examiner and tutor at universities in Asia, I'm sure you will be delighted with your overall progress at the end of this lesson.

**Book a lesson with me and your IELTS speaking skills will improve! 

Other lessons and courses are offered. They include:

**English for business, E-mail drafting/writing for business, English for tourism, Legal English (as a qualified UK law graduate).  Please feel free to enquire should you require lessons in English regarding an aspect not mentioned here.