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nick Mermaid
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About my Services Registering for English help can be as low priced as $19.99 for most of my Services. Anything that requires more in-depth perusal, along with major re-writing will be slightly higher. When registering, please give a brief summary of what the article is you would like re-written. Depending on the amount of time involved to overhaul your submission, and magically revert your own words into immaculate, flawless Advanced English, you will be rerouted to an appropriate products/pricing page.

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Finally, I have arrived in cyberspace, and no one need ever write a bad speech, assignment, job application, college paper or professional/personal e-mail again! 10 Reasons to consult and show the world who you really are! 1. I am a non-English speaking native of Europe. Sometimes my job requires usage of Advanced English and Advanced English writing skills. 2. English is not my first language, but I need it to improve my working standards and climb the economic ladder. 3. I speak a little English, but not enough to write my University papers flawlessly. 4. I manage very well with reading English, but I cannot seem to master an impeccable 'flow' of the language in my written documents. 5. We would like to incorporate a little Advanced English into our Swedish website. 6. I have an important position within a company consisting entirely of English speaking individuals. I am also English, but do not have a broad command of the language. 7. Recently my son joined a very influential law firm in Canada. I shall be visiting him soon, but do not speak or write English. I would like to learn some basic English terminology. 8. I am the design consultant for an English Technical Skills website. Sometimes I need to post specific instructions in clear and precise Advanced English. 9. My children and their friends all speak wonderful English. I am born without English skills. I should like to learn some English phrases for easier communicating. 10. I will be finishing up my College degree this year, and I need help with sending resumes to plenty of English speaking companies. Please register here FAQ How may I help you? If you have doubts your usage of English is not up to par, is not everything it should be, in order to showcase your work in the best possible light, I am happy to be of service to you. I excel in excellent grammatical sentences, proper punctuation and a general instinctive talent of recognizing exquisitely written English when I see it. If you struggle with any of these specific problems, I can help. If you are interested in aquiring a more sophisticated way of displaying your compositions, written materials, website data, manuscripts of any variety, with glowing praise and dropped-jaw effect, please register with Instantly you shall be promoted to 'Head of the Class'. Writing is my passion. I attempt to write eloquently and excellently with each and every peck of my computer keyboard. If something doesn't feel right to me, I rewrite it until it does. Proper English is to me, what decadent chocolate is to the choc-o-olic. Irresistible. Please see a selection of writing samples here. Hope to help you soon! Please register here Sincerely, Elizabeth Earle