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I've helped American students with their English for years and now I can teach you too!

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I've been tutoring for years now. Although I recently earned my TEFL certification, I've tutored for years helping American students prepare academic essays and study for the English and Writing ACT Exams. Now that I'm TEFL certified, I can help you with your English too! I've been teaching on Cambly for the past few months with a specialization in writing and grammar. Need help sounding professional in English? Applying to an American college? Send me a message and let's work it out!

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Hello! My name is Joshua, and it’s nice to meet you! I am currently an online tutor full time- I’ve been tutoring for the past few years in subjects such as academic writing, for example writing college application essays, as well as test prep for standardized tests in the United States with other native speakers. Overall I’ve been working for about 4 years working with students from 12  years old to adult. As far as teaching English as a foreign language, I earned my certification from International TEFL Academy which is a 180-hour certification with student teaching. As for me as a person, I’m really passionate about new cultures and history, I’m kind of a social studies nerd, though I also really enjoy creative writing, I like to write little poems and short stories. As for right now I still living in my hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin (in the United States), though I plan to immigrate with my partner to Taiwan as soon as possible, so that’s really exciting for me. The big reason I chose this platform to teach with is I really love the flexibility it offers so it doesn’t matter if I’m in the United States or Taiwan or France, wherever I can still connect with students and teach every day which is completely my goal right now. Well, that’s about it about me, again my name is Joshua, and I’m really excited to meet with all of you from around the world and help people of all ages really learn English. Thanks for watching, and taking the time to learn about me, bye!