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nick ToryMay
country South Africa
languages Afrikaans, Dutch, English, Russian, Sesotho sa Leboa, Thai


Bachelor\'s degree in Accounting;

120 Hour TEFL certificate;

Qualified assessor, moderator, facilitator and mentor.

3 years teaching English in Thailand and Vietnam (kindergarten and K12) 6 months volunteer teaching English in Cambodia and English;

1 year teaching English to adults (evening classes) in Thailand;

3 years teaching English online (all age groups)



🔥I Offer Customized:

🏅️Advanced TOEFL Test Prep-10 sessions 🔸️Speaking 🔸️Listening 🔸️Writing

🏆TOEFL Test Prep- 20 sessions 🔸️Speaking 🔸️Listening 🔸️Writing

💬Conversational-In termediate 🔸️Organization skills 🔸️Pronunciation 🔸️Build up vocabulary 🔸️Listening 🔸️Grammar

💬Conversational-Be ginner 🔸️Phonics 🔸️Build up vocabulary 🔸️Listening 🔸️Grammar 🔸️Basic conversational English

🎓Study Abroad Prep 🔸️Study tips 🔸️Life adjustment 🔸️Academic vocabulary 🔸️ Daily conversation (e.g. renting an apartment, buying groceries, etc)

🗺Travel English 🔸️Useful phrase 🔸️Build up vocabulary (e.g. booking hotels, asking for directions, etc)

🧒🏻ESL Kids 🔸️Fun games 🔸️Interactive lessons 🔸️Conversational English

👩🏻‍💼Resu me editing

Experience: 6 years

About me

👑 6 years of teaching experience

👑 120 hour TESOL Certificate

👑 Accredited teacher

👑 Customized free material based on your level and need

👑 Interactive & fun learning environment

👑 Tips for improving your speaking and listening skills

👑 Have been living in Asia and Europe for five years

I am a bubbly, adventurous and patient young woman with a passion for travel and people.

5 Years ago I packed my bags and embarked on a solo journey around the world and it turned out to be the best decision of my life. I have had the opportunity to meet many wonderful people, experience and learn new cultures and languages as well as see many beautiful places around the world. I have since travelled to 38 countries.

Having traveled and lived in countries that aren't English-speaking, I understand the challenges of learning a new language, that is why I try to teach my students in methods and ways I know have worked for me.

My teaching style is really fun, knowledgeable, patient and engaging. I customize all my lesson to suit each student's learning ability, level of understanding and find tools and props that are suitably for the lesson. When students enjoy a lesson they remember it easier and learn faster.

I am interested in history, arts, nature, music and pop-culture. I look forward to exchanging cultures, learning from each other and helping you reach your potential in the English language.

My Classroom/Teaching Style:

* Patient and friendly learning environment that encourages your growth

* Allows you to speak and practice your English with my support

* Develop your confidence in using English in your daily life

* Free study materials and articles customized for your goals

* 100% make you fall in love with English through interactive lessons and activities