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nick debajitbanerjee1643
country India
languages English


I am a recent graduate of University of Cambirdge where I completed my master's degree in mathematics. I was the winner of the Commonwealth scholarship and achieved distinction in the the tripose exams. Before that, I did my undergraduate studies in mathematics at Brown University in the United States. I graduated summa cum laude from Brown. This distinction is awarded to students in the top one percent of the graduating class.I was also a inducted to the Phi Beta Kappa honor society in my third year (junior year) of undergraduate studies. The distinction is awarded to students who place in the top one percent of their class in their junior year. 

Experience: 5 years

About me

I offer onine math classes for grades 9 through 12 at the school level. I also offer math lessons for university students studying calculus, linear algebra, real analysis and abstract algebra. I love mathematics and am keen to help students develop a thorough conceptual understanding of the subject.

My Approach:

I focus on developing a sound foundation in the subject. This means that I help people gain a strong overall understanding and intutition for the concepts. My goal is to get the students to a point where they would be able to deal with any problem in the subject on their own. 

I also help students develop indual and customized learning strategies so that they form their own personal connction with the subject. I believe it is vital for students to assume ownership of what they learn This hapens when students become active agents in the learning process and find their own way into the subject. 

I have tutored  several students and helped them achieve a solid grounding in mathematics. i am a firm believer in tailoring my teaching approach according to the student. So, I spend considerable time understanding the student's thought process and their expectations.I build my teaching startegies based on this understanding. As much as possible, I help students find their own 'voice' in the subject. This means that they learn the subject from their own unique perspective. They are encouraged to articulate thoughts in manner that seems natural to them. I offer suggestions to improve that articulation. However, the learning is driven by the student and not externally imposed.   

My approach should help students maximize their potential and develop confidence in dealing with new and unfamiliar problems.