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nick maxwellheenan
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Well, I kinda did things backward I got a Job that uses trigonometry and high-level math 1st and then I went to college I am about to close out my associates and I got an A in trigonometry both in high school and college.

I attend PSC and will be transferring to UWF next year.  I believe what makes me especially qualified to tutor you is that not only did I do a job that requires high-level math I did it well enough that I ended up teaching people how to do that job. So I have extensive experience using Trig and teaching it especially when applying it to real-world issues.

Experience: 7 years

About me

So, Trigonometry is essentially the study of triangles.  Being a fire Control technician for the Navy I personally used this math to calculate ranges of targets to shoot Torpedos and Tomahawks. However, this Math can be used for so many wonderful applications such as building things, or finding out where missing things are. It is used for flying planes, and even inside the electronics, you are using to look at this sentence right now.  This course will explain things in laymen's terms and can be applied at any level whether you're in college or in high school. While math itself is incredibly abstract we will break it down and use applications to go over the subject matter(don't tell the math people this but believe it or not most normal people just move on and stop trying to find their "X"), we will also make use of active learning and other well tested and documented ways specifically with the  of approaching learning to ensure that the course information sticks with you. So wheather you want to just get an A on the Test, or to build amazing buildings, fly planes, or take over the world you'll have the incridbly use ful skill of trignometry to do so.

Also we can go over any homework topic, calculator help, or tests and quizes as long as it is not against your colleges or classes polcies