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nick Paulpompi
country United States
languages Chinese, English, French, German


 I recently graduated with a degree in Computer Science and picked up a love for Philosophy and Community Building along the way!

Experience: 6 years

About me

Hello, I'm Paul and I recently graduated with a degree in Computer Science and picked up a love for Philosophy and Community Building along the way!

While a student I was a Class Mentor for the Introduction to Computer Science course and would help students to understand fundamental data structures like linked lists, arrays, and hash tables (or dictionaries in python) and basic algorithms. I would also help students develop other necessary and useful skills for coding such as using the command line, setting up your environment, and debugging their programs.

I like to know about those I tutor your long-term goals, what skills you want to develop, and where you are seeking the most help. It could be a specific problem, getting more information and guidance on a problem and its solvability, or maybe it's a specific data structure or algorithm you want to get the hang of.

In college, I especially loved my classes in Algorithms and Design, Artificial Intelligence, and Natural Language Processing (or NLP, a sub-field of AI). After learning some programming basics, I'm a strong believer in a project-based learning approach. A project is a great way of learning a concept or developing a skill, while also being something interesting that you can add to a GitHub repository or resume. The projects I've had the most fun with and followed through on were always the ones I was curious and passionate about like the Sudoku Solver, making an Othello AI (aka Reversi), and a Q&A chatbot with a custom knowledge base!

I'm especially confident in tutoring Programming Concepts, Data Structures, Algorithms, as well as working with Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing libraries and toolkits.

As far as languages, I've primarily coded in Python and C/C++, but also have a familiarity with Java and Javascript.

The thing I love most about tutoring Computer Science is joining in the "a-ha!" moments. The solved bug, the running program, the intuitive algorithm, or the salient data structure. Those moments are worth some of the hair-pulling moments that coding can cause.

Please reach out, tell me a bit about yourself, and I'll respond as quickly as I can!