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nick Ami.Green
country United Kingdom
languages English, French



2007 to 2011 - The University of Worcester

BA Honours Degree in primary initial teacher education, with qualified teacher status.

2:1 Degree Classification.

Extra qualification gained whilst on this course: TOP start training certificate, 2 hours of training completed for games 2008.

July 2006 - Old Swinford Hospital School, Stourbridge, West Midlands

AS levels as follows:

French - Grade B

German - Grade B

English literature - Grade B

Biology - Grade D

General Studies - C

A-level results:

Fren ch - Grade B

English Literature - Grade B

German - Grade C

June 2004 - The Summerhill School, Kingwindsford, Dudley

GCSE results are as follows:

Germ an- Grade - A*

D&T Food technology - Grade A*

French - Grade A*

Science double award - Grades AA

English - Grade A

General Studies - Grade A

Geography - Grade A

English literature achieved a year earlier in June 2003 - Grade A

Mathematics - Grade B

Media Studies - Grade B

I have also achieved the following units from the OCR Level 1 Certificate for ICT users

(New CLAIT Qualification)

I also took part in a programme for learning languages called Amikaro where I achieved the an Entry Level Certificate in Business Language Competence (Entry 3) in Spanish


2015 Present - Online Skype English Tuition

Covering topics such as; Preparation forInterview - questions and answering techniques, ESOL (English as a Second Language), everyday conversations, article, grammar and pronunciation, alongside creative work and literature wide age range from 7 – adulthood. Teaching a variety of professionals for example doctors and teachers and tutoring people from the wider international community such as China and Taiwan.

2014 Inspirational speaking, The Learning Centre, Paphos, Cyprus

Give speeches to children aged 5 to 18 regarding achievement despite drastic changes in circumstances. Demonstrated aids to sight loss. 

20 05 2014 David Lloyd Leisure Club, Part Time Receptionist.

Working as a receptionist; dealing with members of the public on the telephone, as well as, in person.

Able to deal with complaints, problems and requests appropriately and professionally.

Workin g as a receptionist also provided me with opportunities to work in other departments such as sales and membership outreach and conference and banqueting events. This has developed my ability to work as part of a team, collaborating with others to achieve the highest levels of customer service.

Janua ry 2012 and May 2013

Voluntary work at Holy Trinity International School, helping support a dyslexic student complete an art project, tailored towards her needs. I helped her develop her work crossing over from her science work into art, mixing different materials to explore different textures.

June and July 2012, The Pauline Quirk Academy

Assis ted with the teaching of drama and musical theatre to a group of 3-5 year old children. This has enabled me to further develop my skills in working as part of a team to deliver fun and valuable sessions to this age group.

Experience: 15 years

About me

Dear Parents and Students:

My name is Ami Green, a UK. qualified teacher, with a passion for language teaching and learning.

I would describe myself as energetic and enthusiastic, fully committed to delivering lessons with the highest levels of achievement and enjoyment.

I have been teaching both English and French online, to international students of all ages, for the past 5 years and must say that I thoroughly enjoy this facet of my career. Having studied foreign languages myself, I understand the processes involved and took a modern languages pathway as part of my teaching degree.

I hope that my listed courses are of interest to you and look forward to our potential learning partnership.

Kind Regards,

Miss Ami Green


Personal Profile:

I am a confident, well-motivated individual. I pride myself on my creative and flexible approach to teaching and learning, with the strong belief that the learning experience should be much more than narrow and sterile academia.

I am completely committed to ensuring that everybody achieves their full potential, no matter what obstacles they may have. My own strength and tenacity to achieve despite challenging circumstances has increased my determination to make sure that each child can succeed with the right strategies in place.

I have always maintained an excellent rapport with all of my students. My passion is for languages and I love working within an international setting. My online teaching has given me a wealth of experience in working with multiple nationalities and age groups.

I am eager to keep adding to this experience and I am very open-minded when it comes to learning and trying new techniques.

Courses offered:

English Language

Learn how the English language works and experiment with different writing techniques.

English Literature

Read and discuss classic and well-known texts, alongside forming both written and spoken responses.

Breaking News

Read and respond to items in current news articles.


Learn how to form convincing arguments in a debate setting.

Let’s Talk

Develop and improve your conversational English based on topics you know and love.

French: Enjoy learning French with a series of fun activities to develop reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.