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nick Paul.Vincent.Rapisarda
country United States
languages English


St. Thomas the Apostle, Norwalk, Ct.

Silvermine Guild of Art, New Canaan, Ct.

Central Catholic High School, Norwalk, Ct.

The Propersi School of Art, Greenwich, Ct.

Norwalk Community College, Norwalk, Ct.

Achieved my Associates Degree.

Experience: 46 years

About me

I have been drawing since a very early age. I remember how I used to love watching television programs that taught you how to draw. This was all before the computers became affordable.

It was earlier on that my ability became recognized in grade school. I was encouraged by my teachers to pursue art. They saw that I have a vivid imagination and how it carried over into my art.

From there I took classes during the Summer.It was then that I had my first life class. I wasn't told that I would be drawing live nudes at an early age. Also different subjects included drawing an egg and rendering it with a Black India ink wash.

Other objects that I drew was a crumpled up paper bag.

I was taught that you want to capture the movement of the figure at first. It all comes down to geometrical shapes, circles, ovals, rectangles and triangles.You just have to elongate them and flesh them out. 

Once I had that foundation established I went onto high-school and furthered myart studies. Every free moment I had I spent in.the art room. I drew my subjects first on paper or canvas panels working with acrylics and watercolor.

During high-school I exhibited my artwork for the very first time in my life.i was asked "how much do you want for that painting? " 

It was later remarked by the person in the adjoining booth that doesn't normally happen. My fellow students were in awe of my abilities!

From there I went to art school and pursued commercial art as it was.known then. I was taught to render with.watercolor, and even magic markers.

It was earlier on when I was attending art school that they decided on having a juries art show. Submissions came in from each stufent.It came down to two submissions and both of them were mine!

In this class I will cover the basic shapes as a foundation to your drawing. Its all about contrast using light and dark hues to create depth. Knowing the anatomy and what the figure can and can't do. Realistic movements.

The vanishing point, perspective, foreshortening, horrizon line, vanishing point. Working with various pencil grades softness/ hardness. Charcoal and pastels.