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High School Chemistry.

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Science / Chemistry

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nick marshad
country United States
languages English


B.Sc Honors Chemistry. Government College University, Lahore, Pakistan.      M.Sc. Chemistry,  Government College University, Lahore, Pakistan.                Certificate of Professional Studies in Education, University of Bradford, U.K.    On-the-job training course in the teaching of chemistry from the University of Cambridge, UK.                                                                                                    On-the-job training course of the assessment of chemistry examination papers from University of Cambridge, U.K.                                                                      Registered Category-A teacher by Ministry of Education, Kaduna State, Nigeria.

I taught Chemistry to students preparing for the West African Examination Council ( WAEC) High School Certificate Examination for sixteen years. My students there always got excellent grades.                                                         I taught chemistry at Beaconhouse School, Islamabad which is the premier institution of Beaconhouse School System Pakistan. Beaconhouse School System is an internationl school system which has branches in many countries of the world. It is by far the best Educational system in Pakistan.

I tught Chemistry,at Beaconhose school, to students preparing for University of Cambridge ( U. K )  High School ( O/L ) Examination for more than fourteen years. Most of my students there obtained excellent grades.                                 

In addition to classroom teaching I have rich experience of chemistry laboratory procedures and practices. 

I have many years of experience of one-on-one online and inperson teaching as well. Even at this time I am taking online classes.                                                                                                                                                               


Experience: 35 years

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High School chemistry has three branches of chemistry, physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and organic chemistry.                                                Physical chemistry deals with the physical aspects of the properties of substances. It deals with the topics like nature of matter, atomic structure, physical and chemical changes, rates of reactions, and a host of other topics.  Organic chemistry deals with the study of substances made of carbon except for a few substances. It deals with the study of compounds used in making textile goods, articles made of all sorts of plastics, making of dyes, colors and a host of other substances. It deals with classification and properties of petrochemicals and other subsatances made from petroleum products.            While inorganic chemistry deals with the study of elements other than carbon and their compounds. There are a large number of elements other than carbon. However at high school level we take the study of many of them.          Chemistry is a very interesting subject because it brings you closer to everyday life and gives you the knowledge to understand the use and behavior of everyday use articles starting from the kitchen to garden to the office and the wider world. There are hundreds of thousands of substances which we use in our houses, in agriculture, in offices and elsewhere and all come under the ambit of chemistry.