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nick Banyana
country South Africa
languages English, Spanish


I am currently studying Geology at a University of Technology. 

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Experience: 1 years

About me

Hello, my name is Banyana and I am from Sounth Africa . I teach English and I obtained my TEFL ( Teaching English as a Foreign language) certificate from International Open Academy. 

I teach learners from the ages of four to about seventeen . I use TPR ( Total physical response) ,supplementary tools (props ) and pictures so that they can understand and remember what I taught them. 

My ability is to teach them how to :

• Count numbers.

#Counting in circles 

#Counting in different voices, so I can let the learner be creative and so that they      can come up with their own classics.

#Teaching counting with number rhymes ( show number on the finger as we sing along) .

# Teach order of numbers with connecting the dots ,using my white board. I will draw a shape with numbered dots so I can help the learner connect the dots and speak the numbers out loud.

#Use flash cards to play number games . I will place the numbers in random order and the learner has to arrange the numbers in the correct order.


#Teach phonics (sound).

#Introduce exercises where the learner can match letters to a picture.

#Teach to read simple words by rhythm of clapping hands.


#Teach listening to make sure the learner understands the sound they will be producing .

#Introducing words that sound the same but are pronounced differently, like this and these, write and right , son and sun.

#Introduce activities with stress patterns by underlining the stressed part of the word and encouraging learner's to break the words down into syllables.

• Constructing sentences

#Introduce the type of sentences to learner's ( simple,complex and compound sentences).

# Introduce the spacing strategy. 

# Focus on subject and object.

# Provide pictures of people or objects and pictures of actions and make the student produce a sentence.


#Introducing rule of thumb for paragraphing.

#Discuss rules of paragraphing then provide the learner's with simple paragraphs and we go through the paragraph and highlight the topic sentence .I want learner's to notice that a paragraph has the main idea and supporting details and it will help them when it comes to reading too.

#Provide the learner's with pictures and encourage them to describe the pictures and create a paragraph. 

•Read and write.

•Using punctuation marks 

#Emphasize the use of punctuation while reading. 

#Helping learner's put words in the correct order and add the right punctuation.

#Teaching punctuation using story boards, learner's get a chance to write and illustrate their meanings.  It gives me a fast and clear way of assessing the learner's understanding of the concept. 

#Encourage the learner's to create their own sentences using punctuation. 

#Help learner's practice choosing the right punctuation mark. I'll read a simple sentence and use the correct inflections and clear pauses to help the learner's identify the correct punctuation. 


#Encourage conversation.

#Encourage language play by building the learner's knowledge of vocabulary. 

#Improve their listening skills.

I also teach adults conversational English by:

•Encouraging conversation

• Asking questions

• Letting the learner do most of the talking.

The beauty of speaking English is that you can connect with new people, enjoy travel experiences and it's easier to get job opportunities worldwide.

Seven ways I can help you improve your speaking skills:

•Through body language.

•Listening skills

•Talking with confidence and the right grammar.

•Being open to read more often.

•To always look for easier ways to interact correctly.

•Build self confidence. 

I also provide class tests .I will ask questions from the test and learner's will have three options to answer which is typing ,speaking out their answer, or choosing the correct answer. The test is to give the learners a chance to express themselves freely and conduct their mistakes and lack of attention to what they are doing.

Six reasons why its beneficial to book lessons with me:

•Present weekly reports to all learners regarding their progress and identify areas of weaknesses to be adressed.

•Interactive ways of teaching.

•Focus on concept.

•Making English simple and interesting.

•Encourage students to participate in dialogues through fin, entertaining and interactive activities. 

•You'll definitely enjoy learning English with me.

I am passionate about helping you how to read,write and speak English. 

I tailor all lesson plans according to each individual's needs and interests.  I believe that the journey of learning never ends.My motto is "learn from your mistakes ",

I am really looking forward to helping you achieve your goals !

Now you can book a lesson with me and start a beautiful journey of learning the English language.